Information Security and Penn State University

Higher education will continue to be in greater need for cybersecurity. After, Penn State University reached a point where they had to disconnect part of the network from the world (mainly China) after being contacted by the FBI (Williamson, 2015). With the two-year delay in response to Penn State being notified by the FBI, personal information, payment information and medical records were all susceptible of being part of the attack (Williamson, 2015). After research was performed, Penn State later found out that they were targeted because of their relationship with the U.S. Navy and their Engineering Department (Williamson, 2015). In the present time, Penn State has come up with ways to get their information in real-time. With delays from the past, Penn State has learned from their experience based on their new measures. Incorporating security into a daily practice is now a trend Penn State is using instead of depending on a third-party such as the FBI to alert them via phone call and spotting attacks as they happen is now the way things should be done, so proactive measure can take place a lot sooner than before (Williamson, 2015).

Hopefully, this post will help other educational facilities implement better security practice for information and report more things in real-time verses waiting on a third-party company to contact them regarding a breach of some sort. Major changes can happen to businesses that can respond to things at a much faster rate and when business do not respond in a decent amount of time, consequences may occur depending on the main objective of the hacker. Although Penn State had a relationship with the U.S. Navy when it came to research, it put them at greater risk but that doesn’t necessary mean companies that do not have relationship(s) with larger corporations cannot be in the same situation that Penn State was once in.



Williamson, Wade (2015). Higher Education Crams for Cybersecurity. Security Week.         Retrieved from

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