Top U.S. Universities Failing at Cybersecurity Education

Cybersecurity pic

According to White (2015), schools are receiving a failing score (“F”) because they are not teaching the next generation of cybersecurity pros. Since the world has escalating issues with threats and attacks, student should receive support from their educational institution on how to help control and address cybersecurity related issues, even if it means taking a class or two as part of their program since, cybersecurity can occur in any discipline. Every university with students majoring in Computer Science should require students to complete some type of cybersecurity training upon graduation since, they will be the ones programming applications for the next-generation to sell on the market (White, 2015). As long as student are not required to complete some type of cybersecurity training, the gap will grow larger for people with cybersecurity skills training and those without it.  Making those who have the training more marketable than those without it. Now-a-days, it’s not only the Chief Security Officer (CSO) who needs to worry about cybersecurity issues but anyone within the organization, especially organizational leaders. As cybercrimes are on a rise, cybersecurity experts are seeing more aggressive, sophisticated and dangerous ideas, then they have yet to see. “The sophistication of the technology and tactics used by cyber-criminals has outpaces the ability of IT and security professionals to address these threats. That’s a dangerous reality, where we have more cyber-criminals than cybersecurity professionals especially with the amount of personal data access and share on our devices (White, 2015)”.

Let’s face it, without the proper education for higher institutions to promote classes in cybersecurity and the need to take at least one class. Cyber-criminals will eventually outpace cybersecurity experts, creating more threats and attacks than ever before. If educational institutions made it more of a requirement for computer science majors and other majors to take at least one class in cybersecurity, students skills will be at an all time high and they can stay ahead of the cyber-criminals.


White, S. (2015, April 25). Top U.S. Universities Failing at Cybersecurity Education. Retrieved from

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