New Year, New Cyber Scams!!

The New Year is just beginning, be prepared and aware of new cyber scams.

Malicious attackers are going to continue to take advantage of the decrease in physical interaction and create more advanced techniques for 2022. Many of the scams will be similar and some will include the latest technologies to make them become more successful, after all malicious attackers study and research as we do. Malicious attackers will find ways what worked for them in the past and they will more than likely figure out ways to make what didn’t work before, better in the year(s) to come.

Be aware, stay aware!!

New predictions for 2022 scams include (advancement and increases):

-Malicious apps

-Malicious QR codes

-Phishing scams

-Social media scams

To help minimize using a malicious app, do the following

  • Research the app
  • Read the app reviews
  • Know who the developed the app
  • Read the End-User License Agreement

To help minimize using a malicious QR code, do the following

  • Use a mobile QR code or reader that allows you to preview the URL(s)
  • Never scan random QR codes in public places
  • Investigate QR codes that you think are legitimate for signs of tampering

To help minimize falling for any new or existing phishing scams, do the following

  • Think before you click
  • Check the sender and links
  • Do not forward any emails you are not sure of
  • Report suspicious links

To help minimize falling for social media scams, do the following

  • Avoid becoming friends with unknown people/fake profiles
  • Avoid discussing personal information such as location (work, home, current), address, phone number and/or etc.
  • Avoid discussing cryptocurrency on social media
  • Avoid discussing finances

Overall, malicious attackers will try to use any personal information to their advantage as well as the unknown information. Malicious attackers use whatever information they can to make someone their next target. Don’t be a victim, protect your personal information. Avoid downloading malicious apps that may be able to access your personal information, avoid using QR codes that may lead you to a malicious website, avoid being phished into giving away personal/business information and last, but not least avoid being scammed on social media. Malicious attackers LOVE using social media because people typically put tons of information on there that will eventually, make them a target (whether they know it or not).


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